Not Really The Blog Yet – Just A Wee Bit About Its Author.

I am the author of this feeble blog.

My name is Ant Fox … an amalgam of an annoying insect and a feral animal (well, feral in Australia but loved elsewhere – I live in Australia, so …)
I was born in 1951, and spent my childhood and youth in the country.
Back then it was a world before TV, computers, mobile phones, and pocket calculators.
It was a world of outdoors, of wireless sets, of books, of plays, and of poetry.
It sounds idyllic, but in reality my childhood wasn’t really very happy. I had few friends, my family situation was not as I would have had it, but I survived.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (apparently)

I grew up in the Swinging Sixties and the Sexy Seventies. 
I met a redhead named Joy (as in “to the world”), and we were married in 1973 – we remain married today 45 years later.
Together we hung around in the trendy arty set in the 70s and 80s, we’ve met a lot of artists, attended a lot of gallery openings, and collected a lot of artworks – perhaps that’s why I paint; perhaps that’s why we spend money we haven’t got on things that are beautiful.

We have two kids … a son, born on our tenth wedding anniversary, and a daughter who came two years later. We are immensely proud of them, and have good reason to be so.

I worked in plant sciences at Adelaide University for 20 years as a science technician and a research assistant. I have co-authored a couple of papers in the field of ion transport across cell membranes, and I have walked many leagues in real fields, in deserts and arid lands, measuring, photographing, and collecting. I also spent much time hidden from the world in laboratories where I was relatively happy. 

I have qualifications in science, as well as basic qualifications as a nurse’s aid – my greatest accomplishment in that latter field was fainting in an operating theatre … “More suction here please nurse, and get a chair for Mr Fox”. 
I have a Bachelor of Theology (a real one) and post-graduate qualifications in ministry – I was ordained as a Lutheran clergyman in 2000, and was in parish in Victoria and South Australia from November 2001 until November 2016. In that time, I worked with “ordinary people” (whatever that means) and with African refugees. I have never anthropomorphised the concept of God and made him in my image, as is the habit of many in the church, but I do believe that the myths contained in holy scripture contain truths that can’t be explained other ways, and teach us good and worthy lessons, if not literal facts about creation and so on.

Now I am retired.”Retired” means that I paint and carry on as a grumpy but contented old artist fella.
That’s me – hopefully I might write something that’s vaguely interesting, almost worthwhile, and possibly (only possibly) stimulating for you in this Blog ……… but not now – it’s afternoon tea time.

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