A Seven Year Memory

Facebook “Memories” can be annoying, but they can also bring back moments otherwise forgotten. They may not be “memories” in themselves, but they open the door to the place where memories are kept.

The next paragraph is what I typed on this day in 2012. It feels like something experienced by someone else … perhaps I was someone else.

Jan 31st 2012

“Cool relief from the hot weather.
I had a call out to the hospital at 3am this morning.
The air was so clear and cool that it seemed almost crystalline.
No sounds … dark … not even a faint glow in the east.
I didn’t want to be up at 3am, and I didn’t want to be visiting a death bed at that time … but the early morning feel makes a fella appreciate what a wonderful world and life we have been given. I wouldn’t miss such experiences for quids!”

Memories, like the surface of our tea pot …

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