Breakfast Thoughts

When I set up the ‘Foxings’ blog, I said to myself, “When I have a thought worth thinking, I’ll blog about it in this blog.”
It’s been almost a whole month since I have set finger to keypad.
Thoughts don’t seem to happen very often these days …
My excuse is the heat – it has been very, very hot here this February, and the brain doesn’t work well when overheated.

The news on February 26th is that I still haven’t written down a blogable thought …
So here is a (bad) poem I composed at Mercato in Campbelltown South Australia whilst having a lovely coffee after a lovely breakfast a year or two back.

I call it – “Sixty Three Syllables Written In Praise Of Italian Breakfasts.
and it goes like this –

Uova Alla Napoletana
Never cold muesli with banana –
Rather an espresso heart-starter,
Then Pancetta Affumicata
With eggy sauce made with tomato
That’s the best breakfast at Mercato
Uova Alla Napoletana

OK – it’s not a prize winner, but what can you expect from a cafe doodle?

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