This Is The News (Ode to Emma)

ABC News is on here in Adelaide.

I think Emma might have done something (subtle) with her hair, and she isn’t wearing a jacket.

Now, she looks very nice, but I am a Lutheran – we don’t like change – it makes us uncomfortable. …. She isn’t wearing a jacket, but a very attractive red top instead.

She certainly is lovely woman, intelligent, well spoken, well groomed – and she really is a great news reader, but now I am so uncomfortable … I’ll have to watch through my fingers.

I hope she’s back to normal on Monday.

….. next thing you know, a light bulb will need changing, and it’ll just be just all too much … all too much …

Oh change – don’t let it happen!

The Lights of the City

This is a little experiment in duotone digital photography.
Image taken yesterday on North Terrace Adelaide,
from the passenger seat of our Skoda using my iPhone via the Filmborn App set to emulate PanF.
Processed at home whilst consuming Yorkshire Gold tea bag tea – currently on sale in our local Foodland Supermarket.

(Don’t say that I don’t supply the details of my artworks! 😉 )

I Can Almost See The Lights of the City