My Patto Pic

This photo of me holding a portrait of me by Australian artist Peter Patterson, is accompanied by a pretty poor poem in by me (sorry 😁)

Ant Fox by Patto

Went to the post office
What did I see?
A tube in my post box
Waiting for me.
So I carried it home
Unwrapped it quick
What did I find in there?
A painted page
My portrait by Patto
What a surprise!
Peter Patterson thanks
From old Ant Fox
I’ll frame it for my wall
So it is seen
And admired by all.


I have been thinking about mice. In particular I have been thinking about the scurrying, furry, scrabbling, poo-laden, smelly mouse plague we had a few years ago when we were still living in the old manse in Tanunda, all too near the heavily moused wheat fields and vineyards.

I was so moved by the extravagant mouseness of that month that I wrote a wee poem to celebrate … an ode to Autumness and all its little wonders.
I call it “Autumn”


Oh to be in Tanunda
Now the season’s changed.
Autumn, the time of wonder
When rodents go deranged.
Autumn, mellow mousy time
They scurry without fear
Perpetrating pantry crime
Eating anything that’s near.
Oh to be in Tanunda 
With a mouse in every trap
A time of mellow wonder
Flavoured with mousy crap.


Beans and Brews

She slid on her blue leather sandals – she needs no winged heels.
He pulled on his mustard yellow waistcoat of victory – none can stand against it.
She cried out “It’s time for coffee!”
He raised his fist defiantly to the heavens – “Give me coffee, or give me death!” he growled.
“Coffee, Coffee” they cried in unison.
She shrilled “When do we want it?”
He screamed the reply “We want it now!”
They are the Fellowship of the Bean … no matter how tough the grind, they will rise to the challenge, they will lift the bowl, they will drink the cup to the very dregs!.
None can impede their journey into the gloom of the depths of the the darkest cafe.
Nothing will delay their urgent progress.
Neither flood nor fire, hail nor rain can slow these two in their heroic brew quest.
… … … but first they will pick up the dry cleaning.